Photo's courtesy of Mr Frank Browne-Graham, one of the first visitors to Baucau along with Mr Dan Crowe and Ms Kim Ellis.

East Timor is possibly the poorest country in the world. The land, apart from some river flats which are inundated in the wet season, is rocky with little top soil. Many Timorese live on less than $1 a day. Famine is frequent with many incidents of villagers starving to death. A large proportion would have 1 or 2 basic meals a day consisting of rice and a few vegetables.

Before my subjects, I stand stripped. The poorest king that ever lived. This cross, my death bed, even that is not my own.... Yet whoever could be so rich. Possessing nothing I own all    ...My Fathers Love.
<The hills were stripped of trees by invading countries in the past, resulting in massive erosion.

Timorese      > families gather rocks beside the road, hoping they will be bought for constuction work. 

<Modern Transportation in East Timor!

Rows of        > rocks  are positioned in the hope of catching and retaining some top soil for vegetable growing

<Vendors collect firewood and transport it to Market where they sell it for 10cents a bundle

The shopping  mall!

<Keeping the monsoon rains out of the family home.

Children      > collect water (often muddy) and bring it home by rudimentary transport

< Water sources and storage has been provided by donor countries, but is greatly lacking in maintainence.

A family      > collects water from a muddy spring.

<Timorese may be the poorest in material possessions, but are among the richest spiritually in their love for one another.

The family  > home of love.