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                     A letter of Shallom (Goodbye) to the companions and guides

               Our journey of faith is now drawing to an end. In my life God has given me many experiences that I never expected or even dared to dream of having. But also he loves taking me out of my comfort zone, often wanting me to do things that I find hard. But I have learnt that whenever I feel things too hard for me to do alone, all I have to do is think "I need you now lord" and he never fails to come to my rescue, always making my burdens light.

               For me the highlight of this journey has been the love and companionship that we have shared together as we have walked in the steps of our God and listened to the word of his beloved son with whom the father is well pleased.

             I have always been an admirer of the beauty of Gods creations, and in each one of you, I see the work of a truly awesome craftsman who has made each of you uniquely with great care skill and love. I am also inspired by the sharing of our journey with our guide and driver as representatives of the other two faiths with whom we share the one God who holds the universe in existence by his will alone. At the holocaust museum I was inspired to write. 'When one day you find yourself in a place where all people of all faiths and race live in love and peace then be assured you are in paradise. are with God! And so friends we have shared a little of that in our journey with Harrison and Saleh. It brings to mind a poem I once wrote. "In my heart I can see, a world where Jesus dream comes to be, a world where people live in love and peace and harmony. Oh what a joy it is for me to live in a universe whose creator. ...loves. ....ME!"

            Friends, until we meet again. Shallom!

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