Searching for the God of Love 

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Noah, ChatGPT and I.



This may not be reflected in Hebrews or Koine Greek translations, it may not even be biblical at all. It is just a personal pursuit to find the omnipotent God of creation that had a plan for the end even before the beginning. I’m discerning scripture using the test of which interpretation yields a message that places God and creation in the best possible positive view on the proposition that if we err then it is better to err on the side of love of God.

Noah, ChatGPT and I

Noah’s story has always been a contentious issue like many others that appear to imply that God is incompetent and reactive instead of proactive to outcomes in an angry, cruel and unjust way. I asked Chat for it’s impression as an allegory. It lived up to it’s name of chatterbox and provided a very long spiel of point by point interpretations. To keep it short I will just list the main point heading.
1/ Divine judgment on a corrupt and sinful humanity.
2/ A symbol of God’s second chance and an opportunity for a new start.
3/ Faith and obedience by Noah.
4/ Environmental Stewardship,

So while I did not cover a complex story of many symbols I made a list of a few easily Googled for verification. I asked Chat. Analyze this interpretation of Noah's flood as an allegory.
1/"Noah” in Hebrew means rest.
2/ God spoke to Moses on a mountain. Isaiah says creatures live in harmony on "God's Holy mountain". The Transfiguration occurred on a mountain. Mountain is a metaphor for the highest place where everything is in view. God's safe place, Heaven!
3/ The dove is the symbol of peace in the Spirit of God 
4/ The rainbow symbolizes God’s protection of creation.
5/ The Ark is the lifeboat that God commissioned the faithful believer to construct to rescue God's creation and come to rest on God's mountain. We are all called to be Noahs, to build arks being the good news of love to rescue God's children and bring them to him. Come to me those who are heavily laden and I will give you "rest"

Chat's response:
    1. Noah's name meaning "rest": The interpretation begins by highlighting the significance of Noah's name, which means "rest" in Hebrew. This emphasizes the theme of finding rest or peace, suggesting that the story may represent a search for harmony or tranquility.
    2. Mountains as a metaphor: The association of mountains with important events in biblical narratives, such as Moses receiving God's instructions or the Transfiguration, is mentioned. Mountains are seen as symbolic of elevated places where one gains a broader perspective or access to the divine.
    3. The dove as a symbol of peace: The interpretation recognizes the dove as a well-known symbol of peace, often associated with the Holy Spirit a sign that the waters have receded, further reinforces the notion of peace and restoration.
    4. The rainbow as a symbol of God's protection: The rainbow is presented as a symbol of God's covenant with creation and His promise to never destroy the Earth by a flood again. It represents divine protection and serves as a reminder of God's commitment to preserving life.
    5. The Ark as a lifeboat and symbol of rescue: The Ark is interpreted as a lifeboat commissioned by God to save the faithful and preserve His creation. It becomes a metaphorical vessel through which believers are called to rescue others and bring them to a place of rest or salvation on God's mountain.
    6. The call for everyone to be "Noahs": The interpretation concludes by suggesting that everyone is called to be like Noah, building their own "arks" to spread the good news of love, rescue God's children, and guide them to God. The invitation to those burdened to find rest and solace echoes the biblical passage where Jesus invites the weary to come to Him for rest.

Overall, this allegorical interpretation sees Noah's flood as a story rich in symbolism, conveying themes of peace, restoration, protection, and the call for believers to rescue others and bring them to a place of rest in God's presence. It emphasizes the universal nature of this message, encouraging everyone to embody the qualities of Noah and fulfill this mission of love and salvation.

Was this response better or worse?