Character representation

Cindy:- Represents the naïve, troubled and problem souls, that are unable to fit into life and suffer as a result. Only to find that in the end, God will raise them to great glory by his love for them. 

Miffy:- Represents the Wise and tireless workers, who strive to make the world a better place. Helping the poor and needy, with no regard for themselves.
 There is no conflict between Religion and Science. God does not wish to prove his existence. He created a physical Universe with physical laws to give us a choice. Couscous represents Gods Science and Knowledge. How God works with us through his own Laws. 

Squeek & Mugsy:- Are those innocents, who have no control over anything and are at the mercy of good and evil. God will gather up even the fallen sparrow! 

Lauren & Nichole:- Represent all who have been defiled and/or murdered by Satan’s followers, in the name of war, greed, religion or whatever excuse. These spirits are so loved by God, that ultimately by his command, they will condemn Satan to the lake of fire and put an end to evil. 

Cindy2:- Some have little skill or intellect, but achieve much in life by persistence and just saying "This is me!"